Friday, 22 November 2013

"Longing Within" by Simone McLeod

"Self Portrait", © Simone McLeod

Longing Within

Her head hangs low
as the days go on
nights are so lonely
she thought she had won
a heart that never knew
where true love hid
look up sweet mermaid
see what you did
shadows dancing past
in the moonlight glow
the scent of his skin
is one that you know
one up so high
he can only be the sky
dare you venture forth
never asking why?
oh but his world is not
where you belong
hold onto your gifts
learn how to be strong
sitting on a rock
when sun is reaching out
does he even hear you
when you're too shy to shout
lay your sleepy head
on the floor of the sea
hair so beautiful
a sight as black as night can
be curls that can rival
oceans strongest waves
a smile destined to make
any men her slaves
but sweet mermaid
your dilemma I do see
you only love the unknown one
the man you will never see...

© Simone McLeod


Anonymous said...

So mystical and beautiful!

Simone McLeod said...

Thanks anonymous